Transitional Care in New York

I will finally go home is a moment that many seniors look forward to after a hospital stay. However, returning to one's own home comes with special risks and dangers for seniors. If proper transitional life care is not provided, another hospitalization may soon become necessary.

Be aware of the dangers

Repeated hospitalizations occur for several reasons: often the return trip home is improperly planned, or the home is not equipped with the proper accommodations and tools. In addition, some retirees have to go home unprepared, not understanding the doctor's orders or refusing to follow them.

Lack of support within their own four walls or loneliness creates additional risks of both physical and emotional problems, which can lead to the need for repeated hospitalization.

Transitional care unit near me

A transitional care unit helps older adults who are facing multiple medical problems or who require short-term or long-term stays in a nursing home or rehabilitation center to prevent re-hospitalization. The patient is provided with transitional care in New York, along with medical care and social support.

When is methodist transitional care necessary?

If the elderly person's health condition requires it, there is an option to move to a nursing home for the duration of care. For example, after hospitalization or rehabilitation. After the elderly person's health improves, he or she can return to his or her home environment.

What is Medicare Transitional Care Management?

Transitional Care Management services cover the transition period between inpatient care and community-based care. After a hospital admission or stay in another inpatient setting (such as a skilled nursing facility), a patient may have a medical crisis, a new diagnosis, or a change in medication therapy.

How Transitional Health Care Centers can help

Transitional Health Care Centers offers a team of specialists, including nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and social workers. Services may include:

  • Seeing a geriatrician;
  • Referral of patients and/or caregivers for home and other community-based services;
  • Assessment of the elderly by our specialists to ensure satisfactory progress;
  • Assistance in scheduling long-term care;
  • Helping patients manage and get their medications.

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Freequently Asked

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What is Transitional In-Home Care?
Transitional in-home care is a type of home care service that provides support and assistance to individuals who are transitioning from a hospital or rehabilitation facility back to.
How does going home from the hospital go?
    Going home from the hospital can be a challenging time for both the patient and their family members. Here are some things to expect and tips to help with the transition:
  • Discharge planning: Before leaving the hospital, the patient will work with their care team to create a discharge plan. This plan may include medications, follow-up appointments, and any necessary equipment or supplies.
  • Recovery: Depending on the reason for the hospitalization, the patient may need to continue their recovery at home. This may involve physical therapy, occupational therapy, or other types of medical care.
  • Home modifications: If the patient has mobility or safety concerns, it may be necessary to make modifications to their home. This could include installing handrails, ramps, or other safety features.