After Surgery Care in New York

A surgical procedure can be an ordeal in anyone's life. It is especially important for the older person to have proper surgery after care, as their healing is slower and the risk of complications increases.

The post-operative recovery process can be very challenging for the elderly and is an additional stressor for their caregivers. Luckily, however, there are ways to speed up and ease the recovery process for the elderly person.

After surgery care at home

Here we describe a few ways to help speed up the healing process and generally improve their experience aftercare for surgery.

  • Prepare a list of items needed by the elderly person. A wheelchair, hospital bed, compression stockings, and leg bands are not a complete list of things that seniors may need during their recovery.
  • Get the house in proper order in time for their return. Place remote controls, phone, books and other frequently used items in places that are close at hand.
  • Create an environment for their maximum comfort. Remember to relieve them not only in terms of physical comfort, but also in terms of emotional comfort.
  • Ensure that they are accompanied to follow-up appointments. Even though your elderly person does not have a memory impairment, it may be helpful to accompany him or her to further medical appointments.
  • Learn about their limitations. If your elderly person is unaware of their limitations, gently remind them of their doctor's orders and offer to do the work for them.

Ask for help when you need it

If you're caring for your parents, it's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed. Professionals for post operative care in New York are ready to ease your burden by caring for your senior while you take a much-needed break.

This may involve hiring a home care aide or a certified post-op nurse to provide in-home care. You can also hire an in-home caregiver to help with your care: dressing, moving, feeding, socializing and light housekeeping.

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Our staff knows what questions to ask the discharge planner, nurse or surgical coordinator, allowing us to create a customized care plan to fit your particular situation. Each member of our post-op care team is specially trained in the process that occurs when patients are discharged. We are there for you every step of the way.

Freequently Asked

Do you have questions on how home care works, who provides care, or who pays for it? We have answers for all of that and more!

What is After Surgery Care?
After-surgery care refers to the range of health care and support services provided to patients after they have undergone surgery. The goal of after-surgery care is to ensure that patients recover safely and effectively, avoid complications, and return to their normal activities as soon as possible.
How is the post-operative care?
    Post-operative care refers to the care that is provided to a patient after a surgical procedure. The specifics of post-operative care will depend on the type of surgery performed and the patient's individual needs, but some common components of post-operative care include:
  • Pain management: After surgery, patients may experience pain and discomfort. Pain management can include medication, ice or heat therapy, and other treatments to help manage pain.
  • Wound care: Patients may require wound care after surgery, including changing dressings and monitoring for signs of infection.
  • Monitoring vital signs: Nurses and other healthcare professionals will monitor the patient's vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature, to ensure that they are stable.
  • Managing drains and catheters: Patients may require drains or catheters after surgery. Nurses will manage these devices and provide education to the patient on how to care for them.